Showers fade for a muggy evening

Jacksonville's weather forecast looks soggy into the weekend

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We saw coastal showers push onshore during the late morning and midday hours, racing inland for the afternoon hours. Those showers and storms will either push West of us or fade around sunset. 

Friday will be quite similar, with a partly cloudy start to the day. Easterly winds will push coastal showers onshore during the late morning to midday hours and into our inland counties during the afternoon and evening hours. Expect 40% chances to see the passing showers. Afternoon highs will be around 90°. 

Saturday will be a tad wetter, with 50% chances for you to see showers being pushed onshore during the midday in our coastal counties and into the inland counties by the afternoon and evening hours. Afternoon highs should reach the upper 80s.

Sunday expect scattered showers and thunderstorms, with 40% chances to see the rain. Afternoon highs will top out in the upper 80s and low 90s. 

Beach and Boating:  A moderate risk of Rip Currents today as the onshore flow continues. 


Hourly Forecast:
3 pm 90 - 30%
6 pm 85 - 20%
8 pm 81 - 10%
10 pm 79 -10%

Sunrise: 7:06 am
Sunset: 7:43 pm​​​​

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