Boat ramp goes nearly a year without repair after Hurricane Irma

Residents say what once was a boat ramp was destroyed during hurricane

ST. MARYS, Ga. – As the peak of hurricane season approaches, there are areas still picking up after Irma's destruction. Historic St. Marys, Georgia, is under construction closer to the Riverfront.

There used to be a boat ramp before it was destroyed in last year's massive hurricane. According to residents, the area was recently contracted for repair after almost a year with no ramp.

A large perimeter sectioned off as a construction zone is at the St. Marys Riverfront. This has been the case for nearly a year.

Jerry Brumbelow owns the Knuckleheads Bait Shop at the Riverfront.

"Irma came in at a high tide with a southeast wind and it took out all of the marinas on the east side of town," Brumbelow said. "Consequently, all those boats bumped into all the docks."

Brumbelow said because the boat ramp has been down, business has been slow.

"If my wife didn't loan me money, I couldn't stay in business. I'm just kidding. I've had to put a little bit of money in this year," Brumbelow said. "Once the docks are back, we will be in good shape."

News4Jax met with people who were walking their dogs nearby. Some said they expected the ramp repairs to take some time, as the federal government needs to get involved.

"It's government. It's government. That's all you can say," said Aleta Conaway, who lives in St. Marys.