What should be in your hurricane supply kit?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As the Weather Authority keeps a close eye on the tropics, it’s important that we talk NOW about what you’ll need in a hurricane supply kit. Here are four things you'll need in your hurricane kit.

According to Ace Hardware, basics like water, tub plugs to hold water in your bathtub, batteries and flashlights are all supplies you cannot forget for hurricane season. 

"We actually supply a list for customers who come into our store. A lot of the customers are looking for obvious things like water, said Ace Hardware manager Jeff Stafford. 

Ace Hardware is making it very easy for you by providing a hurricane supply list and to find items you need in this supply list, just look for their hurricane logo. 

We caught up with a customer, Steve Arrigton, who is stocking up on supplies. 

"I got my kits ready and I keep them ready. If we have to evacuate, I’ll keep them in my tool chest," said Arrigton. 

Unlike Arrigton, many haven’t started preparing. But, with more storms forming in the Atlantic, the Weather Authority is encouraging all to "build a kit that fits."

What if you're unprepared for the hurricane season? The top three unexpected items, according to Ace Hardware, are propane, charcoal and tie down material like rope. 

"A lot of folks, sometimes, if we procrastinate, a lot of products go out pretty quickly within the retail world," said Stafford. 

Stafford, says when it comes to hurricanes, a lot of people wait until the last minute to stock up with supplies, but that’s not ideal. 

It was a nice day on Sunday, but September is known to be one of the most active months of the hurricane season.