Jaguars fans watch big win against Patriots in extreme heat

Hottest game on record leaves some fans needing fans

Photo by Getty Images
Photo by Getty Images

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Most fans stay inside the stadium for games when temperatures outside are sweltering. Everyone is  encouraged to make it a point to hydrate and not to overdo it.

Still more than 20 fans left the game on stretchers because they got overheated.

Extremely high temperatures are definitely a popular topic of conversation for both Jaguars and Patriots fans.

The game they're attending marks the hottest game Tom Brady has ever played in his professional career. Some of the fans visiting from New England say they were not quite prepared for the Jacksonville heat.

“We love Jacksonville. It’s too hot, but hey, we’re down here. You know? We do one game a year, and this is the – I mean, it’s hot down here, but we’re ready,” said Patriots fan Barry Kelleher.

But some Jaguars fans said the scorching hot temperatures were expected. 

“This is what we’re used to," said Johnny Johnson. 

The stadium has a number of areas set up to help fans cool off if they need to, and bottled water is being sold at a discount $2 per bottle to encourage fans to stay hydrated.

Jaguars fans were not only treated to a big win, a beautiful rainbow appeared near the stadium after the game. ( see below)