Calls flooded 911 center after Jacksonville Landing shooting

Some ran, some hid after gunman open fire at Madden gaming event

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Some witnesses were calm when they dialed 911 after the mass shooting at a gaming event held at The Jacksonville Landing. Some had just seen the gunman open fire. Some were running from the scene. One said he was hit by a bullet and needed rescue.

Victims and witnesses scattered when bullets started flying inside the Good Luck Have Fun video gaming bar at Jacksonville Landing last month. By piecing their calls for help together, you have a haunting image of what happened in the moments after.

Caller: Hey, there was a shooting at the GLHF gaming bar. Some people were wounded.
Operator: Did you see anybody that got shot? Are you with anybody that got shot?
Caller: Ah, no, I ran. I f***ing ran for my life.

Others took refuge at other open businesses in the Landing.

Caller: We're at the Hooters by the Jacksonville Landing. There's been shots. I got someone in the Hooters who's been shot. He's hurt.

LISTEN: Calls to 911 center from people fleeing mass shooting

Some ran to other open businesses in the Landing and hid until a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office SWAT team located them and escorted them out.

Caller:  There's several Madden players here with me, and nobody is going to leave until we know it's safe, um, because we don't want to take any chances, and to be honest with you, sir -- I don't trust any of these dudes. I have no idea who knows who. I'm from out of town, so I really, I'm just, I'm not comfortable at all ... Is it possible that you can send an officer here?

That same caller took the time to explain to the dispatcher who he thinks the suspect is.

Caller: Each player has a gamer tag, and they call him ... they call him Bread, but I don't know what he looks like.
Operator:  Bread, like the food?
Caller:  Yeah, yeah, yeah. Bread like the food, yes sir. 
Operator: And that's his gaming name?
Caller: Yes. I don't know what his real name is, I have no idea. 

Police would quickly identify that gunman as David Katz, 24, from Baltimore, who took his own life after killing two and wounding a dozen more.

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