Westside barbecue, beach diner, food truck reopen after emergency closures

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – State inspectors found red flags at three Jacksonville restaurants, accord to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Taqueria Junior food truck

A surprise inspection on Friday led to an emergency closure for the crew of Taqueria Junior.

State inspectors said they found five live roaches in the kitchen around the reach-in cooler and inside a cabinet. One dead roach was found under a compartment sink, inspectors said.


The food truck met inspection standards on Monday with zero high-priority violations.

Cross Creek BBQ & Steak

According to state regulators' records, bugs were a big reason why Cross Creek BBQ & Steak on Lane Avenue got shut down in July.

Last week, it was shut down again for the same problems, according to state inspectors.


During an inspection on Friday, records show, nine live roaches were found under the steam table on the cook line. One live roach was also found on the wall above the fry station.

Three dead roaches were found on the kitchen floor, inspectors reported.

More bugs were found during the inspectors' second visit hours later.

The restaurant reopened Saturday once the violations were remedied and it was in compliance.

3rd Street Diner

The diner on 9th Avenue South in Jacksonville Beach faced an emergency closure on Sept. 12.

Inspectors cited the discovery of two flies in the kitchen and 12 rodent droppings inside the diner. 


A stop sale was issued for potentially hazardous foods, such as hummus, tzatziki sauce and shepherd's pie.

The manager got to work, sweeping up the mess and making corrections.

A follow-up inspection on Sept. 13 shows the restaurant got rid of the bugs and was allowed to reopen.