Jaguars fans disappointed by team's loss to Titans

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The high from last week’s Jaguars win over the New England Patriots did not last long. Jacksonville fell to the Tennessee Titans 9-to-6 Sunday. 

A lot of fans are disappointed,  especially coming off of last week’s huge win over the Patriots.

Many fans from boths sides said the team just didn’t play like they did last week. And there just seems to be something about the Titans that overpowers the Jaguars.

“The Titans always get us, every time. I don’t know what it is. Something about the Titans. We can get the Patriots, we can get ahead of them, but something about the Titans, man,” said Jags fan Matthew Gallardo.

Many fans believe the Jaguars could have played better.

“Much better. Much better, yeah. It was a completely different team than last week,” said Jags fan Angel Cutshall.

“The Titans always play the Jacksonville Jaguars hard. It’s kind of a kryptonite thing, and we just showed up today, but it was ugly on both sides,” said Titans fan Rebecca Cooper.

Titans and Jags fans agree on one thing. It's always a good matchup between these two teams.