Political billboard set on fire in Kingsland, Georgia, candidate claims

Councilman running for mayor says someone burned his sign

KINGSLAND, Ga. – All signs point to a political battle brewing in Kingsland, Georgia. That's after a billboard put up to support Jim McClain's campaign for mayor was set on fire. The damage to the billboard totaled more than $1,000. 

McClain is running against current mayor Kenneth Smith, as well as Grayson Day and James Ham, in the race.

McClain said he put the billboard up last Thursday and got a call from the police department Saturday that the sign was on fire.

McClain said he doesn't want to speculate on who may be responsible for setting his billboard on fire, but he hopes someone saw what happened and will report it to the Kingsland Police Department. 

Although the sign is damaged, McClain said he’s leaving it as is.

"I think the message stands out. It’ll be stronger the way it is now and I don’t plan to do anything with it," said McClain.

He hopes whoever did it will be caught.

"It’s on a busy road, just at Mariners Landing. Some citizen saw it and called it in," said McClain.

He said the fire department and police responded. With damages over $1,000, whoever is responsible could face felony charges.

McClain is a local businessman and current City Council member.

The election is Nov. 6. McClain said he hopes his other signs will remain untouched until then.