Neighbors: Woman fires gunshots, nearby homes hit by bullets

Police reports show woman, 61, has been held under Baker Act multiple times

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – An entire neighborhood on Jacksonville's Westside is on alert after several guns were taken from the home of a 61-year-old woman who police said has been held under the Baker Act four times.

News4Jax cameras captured Jacksonville police and federal agents taking guns out of the woman's Fairfax home on Friday, but neighbors said they're still fearful because they saw the woman back at the house on Monday. 

Police reports show the woman has a history of mental illness, which is why News4Jax has chosen not to name her. 

According to neighbors, the woman has fired guns inside her home. Neighbors said the bullets have gone flying into nearby homes several times.

One neighbor, who News4Jax has decided not to name for safety reason, said shots were last fired about a week ago. 

"My neighbor and I were standing in the front yard and I had just cut my grass and I could hear this 'bang, bang' -- two gunshots," the neighbor said. "I told him to run. I knew what it was and I knew it was coming from her house."

The unnamed neighbor's surveillance video even captured the woman walking on to her screened-in porch with a gun. 

"The scariest was when she came to my house with a firearm," she said. "When I came home and saw that, I was horrified."

The neighbor said despite the video, the woman was not arrested.

According to police reports, it isn't the first time that neighbors have expressed concerned about the woman. 

On March 15, the woman told police that she had been in a car accident, that she could not take care of herself and needed help. Police said they learned she had not been in a car accident, and she was taken into custody under the Baker Act.  

On May 29, according to police, the same woman attempted to fight neighbors who she said were "clones." Police said the woman stated she wanted to die and she was then taken to a hospital under the Baker Act.

On  Aug. 6, the woman was seen on video leaving a gun on a neighbor's porch. Police said she told them that her neighbors "were of the underworld." She was held under the Baker Act. 

About a month later on Sept. 4, police said, she was found swimming in a pool at a nearby home and tried to get into the house. The woman told police she saw people who didn't exist, and she was taken to a mental health facility under the Baker Act.

The unnamed neighbor told News4Jax that she just wants some peace and the woman to get more help.

"I would like to see her in a facility where she can get the help that she needs before she hurts someone or kills someone," the neighbor said. 

News4Jax is asking what protocols were followed when authorities took the guns from the woman's home on Friday.

Court documents show there will be a hearing on Oct. 4, to determine whether the woman will get her guns back. 

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