Florida family's dog electrocuted in freak accident during walk

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SARASOTA, Fla. – When Lynn McDermott went for a walk with his dog Saturday evening, he had no idea it would be the last walk they took together.

As WTVT reports, McDermott and his six-month-old Great Pyrenees, Charlie, were strolling down Dade Avenue in Sarasota when the 71-pound dog suddenly collapsed.

It wasn’t until McDermott knelt down to help that he realized what had happened: the dog stepped on the cover of a sidewalk utility box and was electrocuted.

“My hand touched the grate and it shocked me,” he told WVTV.

McDermott’s wife, Debbie, said she tried to resuscitate Charlie, but it was no use.

The city suspects a damaged wire may be to blame, saying it had somehow brushed against the utility box lid, according to the report. The city has since fixed the wiring on that lid.

“Maybe Charlie had to come into our life and come to Dade Avenue to save someone else,” Debbie said. “Thank God he saved his dad, but we are just heartbroken that we don’t have him anymore.”

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