Flipping the calendar to October brings a change to Jacksonville's weather

Weekend will still be hot and steamy and stormy

Surf Forecast

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Typically we see a major storm/rain event to help end a prolonge hot spell and finally we are seeing the end of the unusually hot and humid September. The coolest temperature we have felt over the past two months is 71° which is one of the longest streaks that we have not had at least one shot of drier or cooler (or both.) By the end of next week many inland locations will see morning temperatures start off in the 60s, the exception? Beaches. Beaches will remain super steamy throughout the entire day.

This weekend expect daytime temperatures to slowly fade from afternoon highs in the 90s to afternoon highs in the 80s. Rain chances will continue to build through Monday, when downpours are expected and amounts may exceed 1".

Which means that when the Jets are in town to play the Jags Sunday, it is time to find your poncho as there will be afternoon and evening storms possible. Plus, forecast will still be very warm, with inside the stadium temperatures around 90° and feel-like temperatures around 97°.  This will be an improvement from the Jags last two home games. This includes the Patriots game which was the hottest in NFL history, when inside the stadium temperatures were near 100° (97°) and feel-like temperatures were above 110°. I was there, it was brutal...

Tropics update: The NHC suggest that Kirk will quickly fade away now that it is heading into the Caribbean Sea. Meanwhile, Leslie (a completely sub-tropical system which was dropped by the NHC on Tuesday) has become a significant "Frankenstorm". Frankenstorms are large hurricane/sub-tropical systems that will send large waves in every direction across the entire Atlantic Ocean over the next week. 

Rip current risk will be very high starting this weekend and through much of the next 10 days.

Surf Forecast
10-Day Forecast

Quick Forecast:
6 a.m. - 74° Mostly clear skies, 10% chance of showers
8 a.m. - 78° Mostly sunny skies, 10% chance of showers
10 a.m. - 84° Partly sunny skies, 10% chance of showers
12 p.m. - 89° Partly sunny skies, 20% chance of showers west of I-95

Sunrise: 7:19 a.m.
Sunset: 7:14 p.m.

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