35,000 bees removed from wall of Tennessee home

Holy honeycomb!

Photo: The Bartlett Bee Whisperer
Photo: The Bartlett Bee Whisperer

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. – Honey, I'm home. 

Approximately 35,000 bees were removed from a giant honeycomb after it was found on the inside wall of a Tennessee home, the Bartlett Bee Whisperer said. 

A Facebook post made by the honey bee service showed the massive hive. As you can imagine, it created quite the buzz on social media.

Despite the sticky situation (see what we did there?), workers were able to safely remove and relocate the bees -- to the homeowners' relief.

"This is what I mean by AWESOME. The comb wasn't overly-attached to the bricks AND this is one of the largest single pieces of comb I've ever seen! With the exception of seven narrow honey combs in the center top of the hive, this was two large flat combs," the Facebook post read. 

You can watch a time-lapse of the removal below. To see more photos, click here

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