Coolest stretch of nights since June arriving

Overnight temperatures in Northeast Florida will dip into 60s soon

July 22-23 was the last time Jacksonville reached 67 degrees.
July 22-23 was the last time Jacksonville reached 67 degrees.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – A major cold front is not arriving and you won’t even get a break in the heat during the day, but if you are an early riser you may feel a bit of fall in the air across the greater Jacksonville area.

For a few short hours over the next few mornings, temperatures are expected to dip into the mid to upper 60s. 

Most likely locations will be west of I-95 for upper-60s with mid-60s blanketing parts of interior Florida and Georgia.  

It was the first week of June, nearly three months ago, when we last saw a couple nights dip to around 66 degrees.

After a month in September when every day topped above average, the dry air setting in will help lower nightly lows to a typical October threshold.

Jacksonville’s typical average low temperature on Oct. 1 is 66, and that drops to 55 by the end of the month.

Heat and humidity has been anything but average during September, a chart-topping hottest average ranking for Jacksonville. 

The cities average nighttime low typically dips below 70 by Sept. 18, according to NOAA’s NOWData average over the past 30 years.

Enjoy a taste of Autumn now and expect to feel more consistent cool by the end of the October.

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