Great Dane dies after being shot in Putnam County

Neighbor who shot dog was arrested, deputies say

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INTERLACHEN, Fla. – A Great Dane was euthanized after a veterinarian determined he was completely paralyzed in his back due to a gunshot wound, according to the owner's sister.

Amanda Smith told News4Jax the dog, Fury, was taken to a neurology specialist who said the dog had lost control of his bladder and bowels. He would likely have suffered from an infection.

Fury was shot by a neighbor in August, according to the Putnam County Sheriff's Office. Justin Sutton, 29, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty, among other charges.

The Sheriff's Office said Sutton told deputies the Great Dane acted aggressively toward his dog and he shot over Fury's head to scare him, but may have accidentally hit Fury. Sutton said the dog was on his property, which deputies determined was untrue.

Fury was receiving care from River City Veterinary Hospital and Resort in Palatka. Smith said she was grateful for everything the staff did to help Fury.

"Fury will be greatly missed by his family," Smith said. "Now we try to make sure justice is received for Fury."

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