Poll: Florida Senate remains close with Bill Nelson in slight lead

Mason-Dixon poll shows Democrat Bill Nelson in 1-point lead

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A new Mason-Dixon poll finds the Florida Senate race remains tight with incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson leading Republican Gov. Rick Scott by one point.

A recent poll released by Mason-Dixon Polling and Strategy shows statewide, Nelson has now assumed a marginal 47%-46% lead over Scott.

The one-point lead is a slight shift from July when Scott led by three points.  

Both have spent millions on campaign ads and the close race suggests that party turnout levels will likely decide the outcome. 

The poll shows Nelson with a strong backing from women and black voters while Scott has an advantage among men and voters over 50 years old.

The poll was conducted the same week as the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, which the poll suggests might have sparked interest among voters.  

During Nelson and Scott’s first debate earlier in the week, the two weighed in on where they stand on Kavanaugh.

Nelson said he would vote no on Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Scott called the confirmation process a circus, saying he will continue to support the judge.

The poll was conducted by phone with more than 800 registered voters. Nelson and Scott have agreed to two more debates with the next one scheduled for Oct. 16.


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