Bugs, dirty ovens, rodent droppings found in Jacksonville restaurants

4 restaurants briefly shut down by state inspectors

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – From bugs to dirty ovens and rodent droppings, health inspectors found a little bit of everything last week that led to the temporary closure of four restaurants in Jacksonville, according to state regulators' records.

A&D Buffalo

A&D Buffalo on Arlington Expressway got the notice to briefly shut down because of two serious violations, state records show.

Health inspectors said the kitchen had 12 live roaches and more than 27 dead roaches throughout the establishment.


Last week was the restaurant's first closure. It reopened just a few hours later during inspectors' second visit.

Ali's Fish Market 

Located on West 45th Street in Royal Terrace, Ali's Fish Marker was forced to temporarily close Thursday.

According to inspectors, 150 rodent dropping were found on a shelf used to store single-service items. The restaurant was also cited for five flies in the kitchen.


During inspectors' third visit, the restaurant was allowed to reopen after it was found to be in compliance.

CJ Crab House & Seafood Restaurant

Health inspectors forced CJ Crab House & Seafood Restaurant on Norwood Avenue to close for a day last week. 

State records show 152 rodent droppings were uncovered in areas throughout the kitchen.

INSPECTION REPORTS: CJ Crab House & Seafood Restaurant

According to state records, dead flies and two dead roaches were spotted in the restroom.

After a third visit from inspectors, the restaurant reopened.

The Courtyard Cafe

Downtown, the Courtyard Cafe on West Adams Street was temporarily closed for the fourth time this year.


Last week's inspection uncovered a repeat violation for a pizza peel stored on top of a dirty oven.

According to the report, inspectors found 25 rodent droppings in the kitchen.

This time, the report shows, a dropping was even found inside a flour container and another fell from the paper towel dispenser into the sink.

The restaurant reopened in a few hours.