Navy veteran, father's lawn care business equipment stolen

Jacksonville man says he's $6,000 in debt due to theft

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville father is trying to figure out how he'll provide for his family after he said thieves took off with thousands of dollars' worth of lawn equipment he uses for his business.

Surveillance video captured a man in a white pickup truck backing into Eddy Jerry's yard. His wife was seen attempting to run after the thief, but she couldn't catch him.

In minutes, the trailer full of equipment was towed away. Jerry said he was borrowing the trailer, which belongs to his friend.

RAW: Video shows lawn equipment as it's stolen

"It hurts a lot," Jerry said. "I'm indebted to the mower, and I signed a promissory note with customers, some (notes) about $3,200."

Jerry said that overall, he's about $6,000 in debt because of the theft. His wife is a full-time mother who homeschools their three children.

"We are trying to live the American dream. I help a lot of people in Jacksonville and now it's really going to be difficult," Jerry said.

Jerry served in the Navy for several years and said he understands how to make sacrifices. To continue supporting his family, he said he must continue to make a living.

"I'll keep going," Jerry said. "It's going to be a struggle."