Sunny, warm afternoon turns comfortable this evening

Jacksonville's weather forecast looks warmer as we head into the weekend

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – What a beautiful afternoon! Temperatures were a tad warm, hitting the upper 80s under mostly sunny skies. 

Tonight should turn comfortable relatively quickly. Under mostly clear skies we will sink down into the mid to upper 60s for inland areas and upper 60s to mid 70s for coastal areas for an overnight low. 

Friday will be sunny with light winds out of the northeast. Temperatures turn hot for the afternoon hours, hovering in the upper 80s. Expect partly cloudy skies by Friday evening. Temperatures will not be as cool for the overnight hours as we progress through the weekend. 

Saturday will be the better day of the weekend, but Sunday shouldn't scare you either - the margins are quite narrow! Expect to wake up around 70° Saturday morning. Under partly cloudy skies we will warm up into the upper 80s, near 90°. There is only a 10% chance for an isolated shower. 

Sunday will start out a touch muggier, in the mid to low 70s. Under partly cloudy skies our afternoon temperatures will top out in the upper 80s. A later chance for showers creeps into the forecast for the evening hours, accounting for a 30% chance overall to see rain Sunday, but higher overnight chances for showers. 

Beach and Boating: A high risk of Rip Currents continues along our beaches as Hurricane Leslie strengthens.  Waist to head high waves with larger set expected today, tomorrow.  Isolated showers possible, 10-20 percent.

Hourly Forecast:
6 pm 83 - 10%
8 pm 78 - 10%
10 pm 76 - 10%

Sunrise: 7:22 am
Sunset: 7:08 pm