Woman made up story of attack by 2 men, police say

Gainesville police say investigators found reported rape never happened


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A woman who reported being dragged into the woods by two men and raped later admitted to investigators that the attack never happened, Gainesville police announced Friday.

After the woman called police Tuesday morning, investigators began searching for physical evidence of the attack but found evidence that contradicted her account, police said.

Special victims detectives and a rape victim advocate had been assigned to the case, and during a follow-up interview, the woman admitted that no attack occurred, police said.

Detectives and victim advocates are still working with the woman and the case remains open, police said.

Gainesville Police Department spokesman Officer Ben Tobias said he hopes this case does not prevent any victims from coming forward to report sexual violence.

“The Gainesville Police Department takes all reports of sexual violence extremely seriously,” Tobias said. “Our investigators and victim advocates start by believing each alleged victim and will investigate each case as thoroughly as possible. We understand that trauma may prevent a victim from remembering information, but this case did not have any evidence to back up the woman’s claims.”