Jacksonville enjoys a beautiful October weekend

All the while we keep an eyes on the tropics

10-Day forecast shows next weeks issues... Stay tuned in!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – To me, October can easily be one of the most pleasant months when it comes to our weather. The heat fades, morning temperatures can start in the 50s and rains tend to come in waves. No longer do we have the threat of a chance of storms each and every day as we see during the summer. This weekend will be a warmer version of what I described. Sunshine will be abundant and temperatures will be above normal, nearing 90. There will be little threat of rain all weekend.

So, today and Sunday will have pleasantly cool mornings in the mid to upper 60s inland and pleasantly warm afternoons (not too humid) with highs in the 80s. Lots of sunny skies and only the smallest of chances of a passing shower. Enjoy!

Saturday morning sunrise temperatures

Tropics update: Leslie is a large tropical storm in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This system will continue to send waves in every direction across the entire Atlantic Ocean over the next week. Yet, as we say a slow good-bye to Leslie a new surge of winds pushing westward (Easterly Winds) will push high surf to our beaches mid-week next week. Surf will run 3-5 feet through Thursday.

The bigger story next week? Does Michael develop? and where does it go? How strong will it get? How much impact will we see here in Jacksonville? Stay alert as the forecast models are not "locked-in" on any answers...

Rip current risk, already high, will be very high starting late this weekend and through much of the next 7 days.

High rip current risks!

Quick Forecast:
6 a.m. - 70° Mostly Sunny, 10% chance of showers
8 a.m. - 76° Mostly Sunny, 10% chance of showers
10 a.m. - 81° Mostly Sunny, 10% chance of showers
12 p.m. - 87° Mostly Sunny, 10% chance of showers

Sunrise: 7:23 am
Sunset: 7:06 pm

10-Day forecast shows next weeks issues... Stay tuned in!

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