Georgia amendments and referendums

Georgia voters will be asked to choose yes or no to five constitutional amendments and two referendums on the general election ballot.

Georgia Amendment 1 - Georgia outdoor stewardship

Creates a land conservation trust fund with 0.75 percent of revenue from sales and use taxes on outdoor recreation equipment.

Georgia Amendment 2 - Business court

Creates a business court and establishes procedures and rules for judicial selection, term length, and qualifications.

Georgia Amendment 3 - Conservation of working forests

Revises method for determining market value of forest land and creates a timberland property class.

Georgia Amendment 4 - Rights for crime victims

Adds rights of crime victims to state constitution.

Georgia Amendment 5 - Sales tax proceeds

Allows a school district or multiple districts with a majority of students within a county to call for a county sales tax referendum.


Georgia Referendum A - Homestead exemptions

Provides for a municipal property tax exemption within certain cities.

Georgia Referendum B - Tax exemption for homes for mentally disabled

Applies existing tax exemption for non-profit housing for mentally disabled to business-financed property.