Florida family spells 'HELP' in grass with logs after Hurricane Michael

Bay County, Florida Emergency Services
Bay County, Florida Emergency Services

YOUNGSTOWN, Fla. – A family in Youngstown, that did not evacuate before Category 4 Hurricane Michael tore through the area, made a cry for help after riding out the storm at their home. 

A woman was scanning the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's interactive aerial map, to check on the damage, when she came across her grandmother's property and saw the signal that read, "H-E-L-P."

The message was written with logs in all capital letters, Bay County Emergency Management said. The woman immediately contacted the Bay County Emergency Management, who sent deputies to the home and rescued the group, Fox News said. 

The woman thought her grandmother and other relatives had evacuated, Fox News reports. 

"This is an incredible story of how people are working together in this situation," Bay County Emergency Management said in a Facebook post. "Someone from another county was using the mapping app to check property in rural Bay County and noticed the word “help” spelled out in the grass in logs. That person immediately contacted us and sent the picture and we dispatched needed assistance." 

This is an incredible story of how people are working together in this situation. Someone from another county was using...

Posted by Bay County, Florida Emergency Services on Saturday, October 13, 2018

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