Mom chases down, spanks 14-year-old son after he steals her BMW

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EL PASO, Texas – It's likely a Texas teen would rather be grounded for a year than the humiliation he faced after stealing his mom's new car.

14-year-old Aaron Martinez of El Paso devised an elaborate scheme to take a joyride in his mother's BMW. It began with Aaron disconnecting the WiFi in the house, which disabled the security system and enabled him to take the car without his mom noticing what he was doing.

Underaged Aaron then took off in the BMW and went to pick up his best friend, reports KABC.

But that's when the plan fell apart as the friend's mother tipped off Aaron's mom and things escalated from there.

"She told me she was on her way home and to grab her belt," Aaron's sister Liza Campero said.

Aaron's sister and mom went on the hunt and soon found the teen driving the BMW at a nearby intersection. 

While honking her horn and demanding her son to pull over, mom screams "Give me the belt."

When Aaron eventually pulled over, his mother got out, opened the BMW door and begins wailing on her son.

According to Campero, her brother admitted to learning his lesson and is being called the "El Paso Ferris Bueller" at school.

On top of that, all of Aaron's electronics were taken away and the door on his bedroom was taken off so his mom knows what he's up to at all hours of the day.