Jacksonville leaders call for action after 6 shot near stadium

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – City leaders and residents of Jacksonville's Eastside came together in solidarity Tuesday, calling for a change as they stood at the site where six people were gunned down.

Flowers remain outside the laundromat near the location of Sunday's shooting. A posted sign reads: "Sending thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families."

City Councilman Garrett Dennis met with city leaders and residents on Tuesday, pushing for action.

"I am hoping with this call of action that we focus in on prevention and intervention and not just policing, because policing is not working," Dennis said.

Dennis said he supports the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, but he believes more money needs to be going toward economic development to reduce crime.

Some of the people who live on the Eastside believe education and outreach is part of the answer. Bruce Moye and others said part of the solution needs to start at home.

"We've got to lead by example," Moye said. "I just think our education system is failing them because any time a 13-year-old would rather be a gang member rather than trying to be a doctor or a lawyer or football player or something, something is wrong."

Moye said the neighborhood needs help moving forward in what has become a vicious cycle.

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