Rain fades this evening, Wednesday looks a little better

Jacksonville's weather forecast looks damp on Thursday and Friday


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today was overcast with coastal showers to start off with, followed by more widespread, very light rain moving in from the north and west. Tonight the light rain will fade and we will see quiet, cloudy, and cool conditions overnight.

Wednesday starts off with partly cloudy skies, but we will see a few more clouds for the afternoon hours. We have a chance for coastal showers to sweep through our easternmost areas, but everyone else will see a brief break in the rain. Winds will build during the afternoon hours out of the northeast to around 15mph. 

Thursday the leftover remnants of a Pacific hurricane that struck Mexico will move across the Gulf as a surge of moisture. We do not expect the system to reform or develop any strength at all, but it will pump moisture into our atmosphere and make for widespread light rain on Thursday and Friday. Thursday's afternoon highs will meander through the mid 70s. Expect 70% chances to see the light rain. Breezes will be out of the northeast, between 12-17 mph. 

Friday starts out in the mid 60s and only makes it up to around 80°. Expect 80% chances to see the light rain. Most ares will see less than an inch of rain total between Thursday and Friday. 

Saturday will be mostly cloudy and cool, but drier. You only have a 30% chance for rain, before the noon hour. Expect temperatures to start out in the mid 50s and only warm into the low 70s. This will be one of the cooler days we've seen this Fall, making it feel a bit more like football weather for Florida Georgia. 

Sunday will be the prettier day of the weekend. Expect sunny skies and chilly temperatures in the upper 40s for the morning hours. Afternoon highs will only reach the mid 70s. 


Looking Ahead:  The remnants of Hurricane Willa could bring tropical rainfall Thursday, Friday with some leftovers possible early Saturday.  This is based on current speed, timing.  


Hourly Forecast:
6 pm 73 - 30%
8 pm 70 - 20%
10 pm 68 - 20%

Sunset: 6:47 pm​

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