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Step aside, haunted houses: This Halloween, we're going zombie hunting

Blake's Farms.
Blake's Farms.

Ever wanted to live out a "Walking Dead" fantasy and slay an army of zombies?

Now is your chance, as many haunted house sites are adding zombie paintball attractions where you ride in a bus or trailer with mounted paintball guns and travel through a zombie apocalypse course to shoot at as many blood-hungry zombies as possible. 

Versions of this new and exciting attraction have been popping up all over the country this fall, and they are a great alternative to those who may be a little too scared to step foot in a haunted house. 

One apple orchard in Armada, Michigan, Blake's Farms, has two different versions of the zombie paintball with its Zombie Paintball Safari, which takes 10 people on a wagon ride through a zombie-infested orchard and farm, and lets participants shoot at them with stationary paintball guns. 

The other version is the Zombie Paintball Truck, where groups of 13 shooters and 10 viewers ride on a massive Army truck with stationary paintball guns and makes stops at two different stations that are overflowing with zombies. 

Blake's Farms.

Another haunted house attraction in Michigan called The Haunted Farm of Terror has a paintball zombie course with real life people dressed as zombies taking the paintball pellets to the chest. Called the Zombie Assault, the paintball convoy takes players through a nuclear waste plant that is infested with flesh-eating zombies. 

It's basically a haunted hayride with paintball guns and zombies, and we are here for it. Step aside haunted houses, because this is the best thing that's happened to fall since pumpkin spice lattes. 


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