Drying out, clearing out tonight, great weekend weather ahead

Jacksonville's weather forecast looks beautiful all weekend


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We are drying out after the gloomy drizzle, and the skies will clear this evening. Tonight temperatures will sink down into the upper 50s, making for a cool start to Saturday.

Saturday's weather looks great, especially for the Florida Georgia game. Expect partly cloudy skies, gusty westerly winds between 12-17 mph, and mild temperatures. Afternoon highs will climb into the mid 70s. 

Saturday night turns chilly quickly, with overnight lows sinking down into the upper 40s and low 50s. 

Sunday starts out chilly and we will see mostly sunny skies - perfect for the Air Show. There are no chances for rain and afternoon highs will climb into the mid to low 70s. Winds will be out of the northwest between 7-12 mph. 

Monday through the middle of the work week looks beautiful, starting in the cool 50s and warming into the warm low 80s. This quiet weather pattern could be fog prone for the morning hours. 

The next chance for showers builds into our forecast by the end of the work week. 

Beach and Boating: W 10-20 mph.  Choppy surf, 2-3 feet.  Seas 4-6 feet.  UV Index 6.  Moderate risk of rip currents.

Hourly Forecast:
6 pm 74 - 30%
8 pm 73 - 20%
10 pm 72 - 10%

Sunset: 6:44 pm​​


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