Prosecutors release evidence in Jabar Gaffney vandalism case

Ex-NFL player accused of damaging former teammate's car

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Through a public records request, the I-TEAM has received some of the evidence in the vandalism case against former high school, college and pro football player Jabar Gaffney.

In July, Gaffney was charged with criminal mischief -- accused of causing at least $14,000 worth of damage to the car belonging to his former teammate Lito Sheppard. Gaffney has pleaded not guilty to the felony charge.

The I-TEAM first showed you surveillance video from June 17 of a man and woman in a black Audi driving up alongside Sheppard's BMW in a Jacksonville Beach parking lot. In the video, it appears something was poured into Sheppard's gas tank and his tires slashed. Now, we have additional photos and audio recordings that prosecutors are using in their case.


One of the recordings is a prosecutor interviewing the owner of the black Audi.

Car owner: "Do I know Jabar Gaffney? I know him, but never like personally know him."

The man explains he had owned the Audi for less than a week.

Prosecutor: "Is that an Audi?"
Car owner: "It was for about three days, four days. It had issues so I had to give it back."

Prosecutor: "You said you only had it for five days. Did you have it for June 17th - 18th?"
Car owner: "On and off. I didn't want to put too many miles on it."

The owner of the Audi explains that he never allowed anyone to use his keys. 

Prosecutor: "There were two people driving the vehicle. Where either of those individuals you?"
Car owner: "Absolutely not."

Prosecutor: "Did you give those people permission to drive your vehicle?"
Car owner: "No."

The car owner said he returned the Audi to the dealership June 21 because he had problems with the vehicle.

Other evidence obtained by I-TEAM are photos. Some are of Sheppard's damaged tires. They appear to show cut marks outlined by yellow chalk. 


There's also a picture of an estimate of the damage. It lists a complete fuel system replacement and specifies new tires will be needed.


We reached out to Gaffney's attorney, Seth Schwartz, after receiving the photos and audio recordings. Schwartz told us, “We are preparing our defense, and we have no comment at this time.”

Gaffney is scheduled back in court on Nov. 13. The judge could set a date for his trial at that hearing.

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