Unwanted guests check in to 2 restaurants, prompt serious violations

Quality Inn
Quality Inn

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. –  Serious violations stacked up in this week's Restaurant Report.

Two Jacksonville restaurants were briefly shut down because of pests, according to state regulators' records.

Jax What's Cookin' on Lane Avenue South faced a brief closure. 

Inspectors said they found 27 flies in the kitchen, 21 dead roaches and 15 live roaches crawling on the walls inside Jax What's Cookin'. It's the same pesky problem that led to the restaurant's first closure back in June, state regulators' records show.


The restaurant has since opened back up without any bugs in sight.

The Quality Inn on Commonwealth Avenue also had some unwanted guests check in.

Health inspectors said they forced the restaurant inside the hotel to shut its doors until it could get the bugs out. It was cited for about 35 flies, 30 rodent droppings and one dead roach, state regulators' records show. 


Although it has reopened, a follow-up inspection is now required.