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First-time voters say they feel sense of urgency to cast ballot

Steady flow of people made their way to UNF's campus to early vote

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – People of all ages took their turn at casting ballots at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville on Saturday at the early voting site. For many of them, it was the first time ever voting at all.

"I have never done this before; I might as well get experience, get familiar with how it works," said first-time voter Paul Pruss.

Many casting ballots on campus said their main issues of concern are the environment, taxes and offshore drilling.

Some first-time voters were students who were pumped up after the experience.

"It was good, it felt good," Pruss said. "Next time, I have to do more research."

Research was something first-time voter Alyssa Barnsley did before casting her ballot.

"I just research some of the people on the ballot just to make sure that I was knowledgeable about their policies or what was going to happen if they do happen to get into office. And then research the amendments," Barnsley said.

She said the amendments can be confusing for those not prepared.

"They lump a bunch of issues together, which can be confusing. But luckily, I found a really good website that explains all the amendments and broke them down into simplest of terms, which was nice, because some of them are worded quite difficulty", Barnsley said. 

While many students had reasons they said they were backing certain candidates, all agreed this midterm election is important. 

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