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Narcotics deputies, SWAT team raid Orange Park home

Search warrant served as part of drug investigation, detectives say

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ORANGE PARK, Fla. – Narcotics deputies and a SWAT team raided a home in Orange Park Friday, the Clay County Sheriff's Office said.

Just before sundown, deputies surrounded the home at the corner of Virgo Lane and Aries Drive, just west of Blanding Boulevard, to make sure it was safe to execute a search warrant. 

Authorities said the raid was part of a lengthy narcotics investigation that began several months ago and that previously led to multiple arrests and seizure of illegal drugs. 

"There wasn’t anyone taken into custody here at this exact home, but during the investigation over the last several months and recently as today, which we will be putting out more information, there was some individuals taken into custody," said Assistant Chief Keith Smith, with the Sheriff's Office's Community Affairs Section. 

Investigators said some of the people taken into custody may actually be witnesses, so they can’t give an exact number of how many people are facing charges.

On Monday, the Sheriff's Office posted to social media that the investigation revealed heroin, Oxycodone, MDMA, cocaine, ammunition and more in the home, including a large amount of cash money believed to be related to the trafficking of narcotics.

Deputies said Terence Harris was arrested, but not at the home. They did not indicate his charges.

Meanwhile, a next-door neighbor described what she thought when she got home from work and saw heavily armed deputies going into her neighbor's home. 

"What the heck is going on?” Alexis Venegaslucero said. 

She eventually learned the house was being searched. She told News4Jax a family lives there.

"There would be fancy cars and different vehicles parked where that truck is," she said. "It was usually at night time because I get home at night."

She said at the time, she didn’t think much of it and assumed it was just her neighbor’s friends showing up. 

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