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Police investigate alleged sexual assault of UNF student

Female student was allegedly assaulted in campus housing Saturday morning

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – At the Flats on the University of North Florida's campus, students are on high alert after a female student said she was raped after being given a drink on Saturday morning. 

University of North Florida Police said a female student said she was at a party when a Hispanic man approached her with a cup. 

She said the man offered her the cup with a fruity tasting drink in it.

The student told police she drank the drink and felt groggy. She told campus police she was sexually assaulted and may have been drugged moments before.

"No matter where you go, you’re always not necessarily assured like 100 percent safety," Carabes said. 

Alexander Gonzalez, a junior at UNF, had some advice for students going off campus to parties. 

"You've definitely got to keep your wits about you," Gonzalez said. 

Police have prepared tips to students such as:

  • Reporting suspicious activity
  • Locking doors and windows
  • Letting friends know of whereabouts
  • Watching your drink
  • Calling police when in trouble

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the University of North Florida Police Department at 904-620-2800.