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Uptick in car burglaries in Oakleaf has residents concerned

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OAKLEAF, Fla. – A neighborhood crime alert in Oakleaf where police are investigating a rash of car burglaries.

One of the victims includes an Army National Guardsman who is warning neighbors to be on the lookout.

Sgt. John Gallagher tells us someone did more than just break into his SUV, they stole it. It happened shortly after he returned home after helping during Hurricane Michael in the panhandle.

“At that time my girlfriend noticed they broke into her car in the same driveway and they went through one of her old purses. In those old purse, unfortunately, was my spare key I got made weeks ago for my car," said Gallagher. "So they were able to honestly take the spare key from my girlfriend's car and start my car and take off.”

He's says it's paid off and it's worth more sentimental value because he used it for many family vacations and got it after a tour in Afghanistan.

A couple minutes away in the same neighborhood, a woman says her husband’s truck was burglarized. She shared photos of his smashed window. Although nothing was taken, the estimate is close to $1,000 in repairs. 

"Generally, I don’t want to be that person to let someone control my life and control what I’m doing. Sadly, I have gone out to Costco and bought lights for my house," said Kim Candelaria, whose husband's car got burglarized. 

There were also recent burglaries reported minutes away on Jammes Road at the Morningstar Apartments. Police are encouraging all to lock your car doors. 

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