Know before you go: Election Day in Georgia

Go to the right precinct, have proper ID, review ballot in advance

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Georgia voters on Tuesday will elect a new governor, lieutenant governor, several Georgia cabinet members and new members of Congress while deciding to approve or reject five proposed changes to the state's constitution and two referendums, as well as county and local races.

After record levels of early voting, election supervisors expect heavy turnout and possible lines Tuesday. Here are some other things to keep in mind as you head out to vote.

When: All precincts open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday. Anyone in line at 7 p.m. will be allowed to vote.

Where: On Election Day, you can only vote at the assigned precinct near your home. Link to check your voter status, precinct

Who, what's on the ballot: There's a lot to vote on statewide, and some counties have commissioner or board of education seats, city races and amendments or referendums. You might want to review our Voter's Guide or your sample ballot before you go (or while you're standing in line) so you don't spend a lot of time in the voting booth.

Results: With more than 2 million registered voters casting ballots either early or by mail, a good percentage of results may be available quickly. News4Jax has you covered, with live results online of 165 races in Florida and Georgia. We'll stream live coverage on the web from 7 p.m. until at least 11:30 p.m. -- later if the governor or Congressional winners aren't declared -- with reporters at the election-night watch parties of all the major candidates, as well as across Northeast Florida. Broadcast coverage will run from 8 p.m. to when it's all over.

Q&As for voters

Do I need my voter registration card in order to vote?
No, but you will need a government-issued picture identification, like a driver's license, military or state-issued ID card, or a passport. As long as you are in the correct polling location, your name will appear on the registration list supplied to your precinct. If you don't have ID or you're not listed on the precinct roster, you can still cast a provisional ballot. (See full list of acceptable identification)

Do I have to vote in every race for my ballot to be accepted?
No. Whether you vote for one candidate or in every single race on the ballot, your vote will count. If you fill in two bubbles in the same race -- an overvote -- it will not count.

What if I requested a vote-by-mail ballot, but didn't get it or return it?
You can vote at your precinct Tuesday. They will check online to make sure your mailed ballot has not been received. If you filled out your mailed ballot, you cannot drop it off at a precinct; it must be returned to the Supervisor of Elections office in your county by 7 p.m. Tuesday. 

What if my address has changed since I registered to vote?
You can fill out a change of address form at the precinct, and if the new address is within the same precinct, you will be able to vote where you are. If the new address is in a different precinct, you will be directed there to vote.

How do I make sure my provisional vote is counted?
You will be given a notice of rights which will include instructions on how to find out if your provisional ballot was counted, and if not, the reason(s) why, will be contained in your notice of rights handed to you at the time that you vote a provisional ballot. If you voted a provisional ballot because your eligibility is challenged, you are in the wrong precinct or do not appear on the precinct register, you have the opportunity to bring in evidence to your county supervisor of elections no later than 5 p.m. Thursday.

Can I take pictures while voting?
No. Georgia is among nearly 20 states that specifically ban still or video photography in a polling place. So if you need to take a selfie, do it outside with your "I voted" sticker.

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