A day after the midterms, react to some key races using emojis

Democrats will control House, Republicans will hold on to Senate

The U.S. Capitol building, pictured on Nov. 7, 2018 in Washington, D.C. (Zach Gibson/Getty Images). (Getty Images)

You got out, you voted (well, hopefully), you collected your sticker and you probably even posted a picture. But most importantly, the results from Tuesday's midterm elections are probably starting to sink in.

Are you happy with how things panned out, statewide? What about the implications, nationally? Are you feeling better than you were after the presidential race in 2016, or are you fired up, eagerly anticipating 2020?

Don't just rant on Facebook. Tell us, using the very simple art of the emoji. And hey, if that's a little too simple for you, weigh in using the comments section.


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