Broward County elections officials still counting absentee ballots

Supervisor of elections declined to say how many ballots are left to count

LAUDERHILL, Fla. – Ballots were still being counted Wednesday in Broward County, and there was an issue after the polls closed Tuesday as some precincts were not able to electronically submit their votes. 

Broward County elections officials said there was an issue with about a half dozen modems not being able to send in their ballots electronically, so those results had to be driven to Lauderhill to be tallied.

Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda Snipes said those were all tallied, but they were still tallying some absentee ballots.

She wouldn't give an estimate of how many, but said everything went very well and smoothly Tuesday and the votes from the faulty modems were tallied. 

"I can't give you an exact number," she said.

Now, it's just a matter of waiting to see what kind of recount the state will require for the close U.S. Senate race between Republican Gov. Rick Scott and Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson -- whether it will be by machine or by hand. 

It's quite a task for elections officials, but not one with which Snipes is unfamiliar.

"We would run the ballots through the machine again," she said. "We look at the over and under votes, depending upon what type of recount it is, and if there is no difference -- if the results are still the same within a certain percentage percent -- that person who won wins."

Snipes said they are designating Saturday as a potential day for recounting votes in Broward County. She said of the recounts she's seen, the original winner typically remains the winner.

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