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About 30 people hold "Every Vote Counts" rally in Duval County

Backers of Democratic candidates gathered Saturday at Elections office

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – About 30 people gathered in front of the Duval County Supervisor of Elections office Saturday morning chanting, "Count every vote."

Those who gathered held signs for Democratic candidates running in the races and said they wanted a recount to ensure all votes are counted in Florida.

Siottis Jackson, with the group called Win Justice Coalition, said it's vital voters know they are being heard.

"I would just say at this point,  we are not advocating Democrats versus Republican votes.  We are just advocating for votes to be counted.  If you follow the trail of who is going up and who is going down, both parties, both candidates are going up and going down," Jackson said.  

"I am out here to make sure every vote counts and every count is voted," said Joseph Robinson.

State Sen.Audrey Gibson attended the rally to send a message.

"This is about our entire our state, the democracy we are cheering for, it’s about counting every vote," Gibson said.

But not everyone supports these rallies. Taryn Fenske with the RNC released a statement that said, in part: "The Nelson and Gillum team couldn’t win the election with legal votes at the ballot box, so they’re trying to thwart the will of Floridians in the courts.” 

The Duval County Canvassing Board will meet at 9 a.m. Sunday and the recount will begin after that.

The recount for Duval County will be held at the election center on the northside and will be open to the public. 

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