Jacksonville gets two shots of cooler air the next 10 days

Weekend will be cooler and dry until late Sunday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Chilly conditions rapidly descend upon North Florida and South Georgia as we wake-up Saturday morning. In Georgia, morning temperatures will start in the 50s. Jacksonville around 60° and a chilly breeze will be blowing throughout the day. That wind will help keep temperatures only in the 60s (as oppose to the 80s the past number of days.) Sunny skies will dominate throughout Saturday afternoon.

Sunny skies return Saturday afternoon

Clouds then rains return. Sunday will not be a sunny day. Coastal clouds will push back onshore on Sunday. Breezy and chilly temperatures will start the morning and throughout the day we will remain rather cloudy. Winds will be out of the East and blow up to 25 mph (rather windy) and these winds will help push a few showers late Sunday afternoon. High temperatures will be around 70°.

Sunday sees clouds quickly return

Monday morning may start dry but the clouds will thicken and rains will develop, the good news is that there may be a "dry slot" of air that may protect the Veterans Day parade. The parade starts at 11:01 a.m. Showers and maybe a thunderstorm will develop during the afternoon and evening hours. Temperatures will be a little milder reaching near 80°. Tuesday will also have mild temperatures and showers throughout the day.

It will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday that sees chillier, dare I say, winter-ish? Temperatures. Morning temperatures will start around 45° each morning.

JAX Quick Forecast:
6 a.m. - 63° Partly Sunny, 10% chance of showers
8 a.m. - 60° Mostly Sunny, 0% chance of showers
10 a.m. - 64° Mostly Sunny, 0% chance of showers
12 p.m. - 67° Mostly Sunny, 0% chance of showers

Sunrise: 6:47 a.m.
Sunset: 5:34 p.m.

10-Day Forecast

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