Florida man puts 'provisional ballots' up for sale on Facebook

'Might be able (to) turn in during the current recount,' ad says


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Florida has become a laughing stock over the years because of its struggles with elections. With recounts ordered in several high-profile races, this year is no exception.

Naturally, a Jacksonville man took it upon himself to poke fun at the process by posting an ad for a box of “provisional ballots” from “2012” in a local Facebook group where people buy and sell used items:


“Found this box while cleaning my garage. Contains about 10,000 ballots. Could be 50/50, could be 75/25 Democrat, could be 75/25 Republican. Might be able (to) turn in during the current recount. You could always sort through it and discard what you don’t need. Sold as is. FCFS, no holds.”

News4Jax caught up on Wednesday with the Facebook user who made the post. Steve, as we’ll call him, said the post was “merely a joke” he came up with while throwing away moving boxes.

“I was just making light of the current Florida political situation,” he said.

Most of the responses to the joke were positive, Steve said, but he decided to take the post down once what began as a lighthearted discussion degenerated into a political feud.

“One person commented that they didn’t think it was funny," he said. "But hey, you can’t please everyone at one time, and I didn't bash them 'cause they didn't like it."

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