Neighbors uneasy after thieves target 2 vacant homes in 2 months

Homes up for sale in Riverside neighborhood of Jacksonville broken into

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Homes up for sale in the Riverside neighborhood have become the targets of thieves, prompting concern from neighbors.

A home off College Street that has been vacant for about two months was broken into sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.

“My husband just happened to look in the backyard, and we could see over the fence that their back door was open,” Riverside homeowner Stacey Wright said.

Wright, who lives next door, said she’s been in the neighborhood for 14 years.

“It was crowbarred in, so we immediately called the realtor, and it was kind of sad, because they were just about to show the house,” Wright said.

Wright said the house was empty and wasn’t staged with furniture. 

“It is very unsettling to know that we were sitting there and somebody was prying into somebody else’s house and how easy it is,” Wright said.

Another break-in was reported within the past two months, right across the street from the break-in two nights ago. According to a police report, $2,000 worth of furniture was stolen from that house. 

The crimes have Wright and other neighbors uneasy, and they said they'll be keeping their eyes open.

If you notice a break-in or spot something unusual, call police to report it right away.

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