Mysterious raccoon deaths rattle Arlington neighborhood

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Residents of an Arlington neighborhood say they're concerned after the deaths of several raccoons.

Over a three week period, Ruth Becerra said more than a dozen raccoons have been found dead in the Charter Point residential area. She's noticed the raccoons acting strange and some having seizures.

"Its awful," Becerra said. "They're suffering."

Becerra said she spoke with a wildlife expert who believes the raccoons might be suffering distemper, a viral disease that can spread among animals.

"If one raccoon has it than the rest of the raccoons in that area are going to get it as well," Becerra said.

It's unknown if the raccoons in her neighborhood are indeed suffering distemper. Becerra hopes wildlife officials will determine what's causing them to get sick.

Neighbors said they've reported the problem to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. 

Although these aren't a confirmed cases of distemper, health experts encourage pet owners to have their animals vaccinated to avoid contracting the disease.

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