Neither side showed, so judge will let restraining order expire today

Lito Sheppard filed injunction against Jabar Gaffney after car was vandalized

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – New information in the I-TEAM investigation involving former high school, college, and pro football player Jabar Gaffney. A stalking injunction that his former teammate, Lito Sheppard, had asked for over the summer will expire today.

Gaffney and Sheppard were due in court this morning for a hearing on the injunction, but neither attended.

Judge Tyrie Boyer explained that because of that, the temporary injunction will not be extended, and that if either side wants another injunction, they would have to start the process over again.

Sheppard told the I-TEAM over the summer that he filed the petition for protection after he said Gaffney was the man seen in surveillance video of his car while it was parked near a Jacksonville Beach restaurant on Father's Day.  The video showed a man and a woman causing at least $14,000 worth of damage to Sheppard's car by pouring something into the gas tank and slashing all of his tires. 

Highlights | Uncut surveillance video

In Sheppard's petition, he wrote he was trying to prevent any further harassment or threats by Gaffney.

Gaffney has pleaded not guilty to a charge of criminal mischief, in connection with the vandalism.
Criminal mischief is a third-degree felony. Gaffney’s next pretrial hearing in the criminal case is set for December 18.