Nassau County considering special tax instead of charging for beach parking

City commissioner: Tax would pay for beach maintenance


FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. – Many people have been pushing back against a plan to begin charging to park at Fernandina Beach so now a city commissioner is proposing a special tax as the best way to pay for beach maintenance and please the people.

The city manager, Dale Martin, will give his revised plan for paid parking in January. His plan was to charge for beach parking all year long for everyone except the people who live in Fernandina Beach, similar to how Jacksonville Beach charges.

Locals  have mixed feelings on the best way to move forward.

"It’s been wonderful to know you can park, go to the beach, enjoy the shops and everything, and there is no (paid) parking. said Fernandina Beach resident Linda Giadrosich. " There are ways to increase revenue. I just think we need to think outside the box a little bit more."

Resident Gust Hemming says no one wants to pay, but, beach maintenance funds must come from somewhere.

"Being a resident, I’m already paying taxes. I think it’s only fair, due to the location, tourists coming and others inland using the island, I think it’s only fair, they have their cost associated with paying taxes," Hemming said.

It's unknown if the city managers' plan will go through or if the tax idea will be preferred.

News4Jax will follow developments in January to update the story with the latest on which plan the city decides to enact.


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