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Family forced to start over after fire at Westside home

Kimberly Daughtry was in hospital when she learned her home caught fire

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Less than a week after their home was damaged during a fire in the Marietta neighborhood, a Jacksonville family says it's having to start over.

Kimberly Daughtry says she and her family is currently living in a hotel. The fire, which is believed to have started from a power strip, left much of the home destroyed.

"There is very little bit that is salvageable out of that house," Daughtry said. "None of my cookware, furniture, clothes -- nothing like that."

Daughtry lived in the home with her husband, mother and their pets for about six years. Her mother, Sandra Kelley, said she tried to suffocate the fire with a blanket, but the flames only grew.

"I was watching television, and I thought I smelled something," Kelley said. "So, I got up and went to the front door to make sure it wasn't coming from outside, and when I turned around, I could see the flames coming up in the kitchen."

When she realized she couldn't get the fire out, Kelley said she grabbed one of their animals and ran out the front door, hurting her arm in the process.

As the fire grew, Daughtry was in the hospital for an unrelated reason when she got the call that her home was burning. 

"I have had two heart attacks, two triple bypasses and a stint," Daughtry said.

Since the fire, a hotel has been home for the family of three plus their pets, but they will have to move on Tuesday. They were told they can't stay there with their animals.

The family's holiday wish is to find a new apartment. To get help, they created a funding account online.

"There is nothing more than that feeling to get off work or just to be to go to your own home and lay down," Daughtry said. "There is not a better feeling in the world than that right now."

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