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Why today is the loneliest day of the year for moms

Shorter days, holiday budgets and bad weather make moms feel isolated

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Feeling lonely? Well, you are not alone. This time of year has been voted the most miserable by moms with Tuesday being the day moms feel most alone.

Between the days being so much shorter, the gloomy weather and the struggle to budget for Christmas, parents in general feel more isolated now than at any other point in the year, according to several studies. An estimated 67 percent of mothers polled admitted they felt lonelier after becoming a parent.

So what can you do? You need to reach out to other moms and get support because it's very likely they are going through the same thing. Find other moms at your child's school or look to sites like Jacksonville Moms Blog. I checked and they have resources for every type of mom -- whether you're a working mom, single mom, stay-at-home mom, or a mom with kids who have special needs. Click here to link to the Jax Moms Blog Site.