Construction causing headaches for residents in Jacksonville Beach

Mayor says citywide project will fix decades-old flooding problem

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – Some residents in Jacksonville Beach are fed up, calling a citywide construction project a "nightmare."

Jacksonville Beach Mayor Charlie Latham said the project, which started over the summer, will fix a decades-old flooding problem. The construction runs from the beach all the way to 4th Street, and currently, the brunt of the work is on 12th Avenue South, which is next to Suzanne Ferreira's home.

"There were pumps out here running on diesel fuel that were running 24-7," Ferreira said. "Not only did we have the noise, but then we have the fumes of the diesel fuel seeping into our homes.

Ferreira also says her driveway has been blocked many times, and she now has cracks in her ceilings from the vibrations.

Businesses like Frenchy's Wellness Spa are also not happy. The stores executive director said she's experienced internet and power outages.

The Department of Public Works says workers are meeting with people impacted by the construction next week to provide an updated timeline. The work will soon move to the east side of State Road A1A.

Latham hopes the project will be completed by 2020.