Giant Santa Claus ho-ho-holds up traffic

Santa uninjured during rescue

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Santa Claus was spotted on the loose without his reindeer Tuesday, and he was holding up traffic.

The giant inflatable Santa Claus apparently broke free from the front of a home nearby in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, in the U.K., the BBB reported.

A taxi driver from the area who witnessed the ordeal said it was a little unusual.

“It was massive — bigger than my seven-seater car,” Muhammad Fareed said. “I saw it wobble and then come down onto the road. It did raise a smile.”

Fareed said by the time he passed Santa, he saw two men trying to pull the inflatable jolly old man off the roadway.

A few locals took to Twitter about the ordeal.

Luckily for all the good boys and girls, it appears Santa made his way safely back home -- for now.

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