Transit system saves one seat on every bus to honor Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on Dec. 1, 1955


Milwaukee, WI – One Transit System in Milwaukee is saving a seat and placing a red rose on every bus to honor the life of Rosa Parks and her contribution to equal rights. 

Parks was arrested after refusing to give up her seat to a white man in Montgomery, Ala., on December 1, 1955.

Her small act of civil disobedience led to a landmark Supreme Court ruling that outlawed segregation on public transportation.

“Now, more than ever, Rosa Parks’ courage and beliefs should inspire us every day. This country was changed for the better on that December day when she refused to give into racism and oppression,” said Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele. “While we can never truly thank her for her brave actions, we mark the occasion to remember and honor her bravery and convictions.”

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