Weekend rains back up onto area roads

McCoys Creek overflowing banks prompts rescue

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Some streets from the Westside to Jacksonville Beach became impassible Monday morning as the rains came down fast and furious. 

Official rainfall amounts ranged as high as Jacksonville Heights at 3.46 inches (just west of I-295), 2.86 inches in Ortega and 1.88 inches in Mandarin. Beaches and Southside of Jacksonville had between 1-2 inches. In most locations, all the ran came down in less than 2 hours time.


Neighbors will tell you flooding of McCoys Creek after heavy rain has been a problem for decades, but Monday's water swelling over McCoys Creek Boulevard required a high-water rescue by Jacksonville Fire-Rescue.

Some drivers who dared to make their way through the high water at the intersection with Sunshine Street were successful, but others not -- including Chris McKenzie -- who had to be pulled of the cab of his pickup truck by firefighters.

"As I start driving down, the truck starts pulling me to the side of the road and the truck almost turned over," McKenzie said. "I thought I was going to almost flip, so I called 911."

Others -- including the driver of a JEA truck -- did not chance the flood waters, and Jeff Dykas, who witnessed McKenzie get stuck.

"We were driving down the other street and we saw him," Dykas said. "We just came over here to make sure he was all right it’s pretty deep here."

Resident Anthony Williams said he hopes changes are coming because he’s considered about the safety of drivers who try to travel through the dangerous rainwater and creek water that overflows any time it rains.

"It always floods and that depends on whether the high tide or low tide," Williams said. "It's been going on for years, ever since I was a little kid and I’m 60 years old. They have a proposal to alleviate this. Right now, we just have to deal with (it). People in this area are used to it."

A $250,000 restoration grant has been awarded to relieve the McCoys Creek-area flooding.


Late Monday afternoon, a Jeep going near the speed limit on McCoys Creek Boulevard plunged into the water still standing on the road and veered into a ditch. The driver got out and a tow truck would be needed to remove the vehicle.

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