Conjoined twins separated by UF Health Shands surgeons


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Conjoined twins separated by UF Health surgeons in Gainesville will be together for Christmas. 

Twin sisters Jesi and Remi were born on May 15 as conjoined twins locked at the abdomen, University of Florida Health said. Two months later, surgeons separated the babies.

Remi was discharged on October 4, but Jesi had to remain in the hospital. 

But the moment has come... after 203 days in UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital, Remi will get to go home! 

The sisters will be spending their first Christmas together.


“The best Christmas presents ever,” parents Andre and Angi Pitre of Apopka, Florida, said. 

Jesi and Remi, born at the hospital with a shared liver and a connected intestine, were successfully separated July 23 by UF Health surgeons supported by a large multidisciplinary team in a surgery as complex as it is rare. Like all conjoined twins, the girls faced staggering odds. Indeed, up to 60 percent of conjoined twins are stillborn. These girls, however, are fighters.

“We’re so happy for the family to see the twins headed home, healthy and thriving, for what promises to be a very happy Christmas,” Nelson said. “The commitment of Jesi and Remi’s health care team makes us all proud, from the tireless nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit to the physicians who constantly monitored the twins to countless other staff. A complicated case like this one is always a team effort.”

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